Time to repave it is now March of 2023 and the track is 13 years old and needs a face lift, Also pictured are the new pit areas we had to construct after hurricane IAN.

p_0001_small.jpg p_0002_small.jpg p_0003_small.jpg p_0004_small.jpg p_0005_small.jpg
p_0006_small.jpg p_0007_small.jpg p_0008_small.jpg p_0009_small.jpg p_00010_small.jpg
p_00011_small.jpg p_00012_small.jpg p_00013_small.jpg p_00014_small.jpg p_00015_small.jpg
p_00016_small.jpg p_00017_small.jpg p_00018_small.jpg p_00019_small.jpg p_00020_small.jpg
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